Neurofeedback Consult

Your 30-minute consultation is the perfect way to start exploring Neurofeedback! This free session allows us to discuss your goals and health concerns to see if Neurofeedback is right for you or your child. Improving brain regulation can reduce or even eliminate certain conditions. Schedule today to learn more.  Neurofeedback 30-minute Consultation: FREE.  READ MORE.

EEG Brainmapping & Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback provides state-of-the-art exercise for the brain with gentle, non-invasive trainings. The first step in Neurofeedback is Brain Mapping. We start with a simple 30-minute EEG test to measure your baseline brain wave patterns. Then, you can see how your brain is currently working. It’s a great tool for all ages! Brain Map and Consultation: $95  READ MORE.

LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast

The goal of LiveO2 is to restore cellular oxygen by getting your body in a respiratory state of 4x the amount of oxygen you normally receive. Just 15 minutes of super-oxygenation can help empower your health with anti-inflammatory effects. If you’re ready to feel more energized, schedule a session today! READ MORE.

Alpha-Stim Technology

Find relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia with Alpha-Stim. This hand-held medical device is FDA-cleared and designed to treat your brain in the comfort of your own home. Alpha-Stim is a great companion treatment for Neurofeedback. You can also visit our office for a trial-session.

HOCATT Ozone Sauna

The HOCATT™ Ozone Sauna addresses wellness, beauty, anti-aging and performance enhancement without ever having to step foot out of the unit. Each 25 to 30-minute session provides advanced detox and oxygenation, beauty and anti-aging benefits, athletic improvement and an overall improvement of wellness and vitality. READ MORE

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Minerals are the “spark plugs” of life. The best way to assess the body’s mineral status and patterns is through a hair tissue mineral test. Hair is the most painless way to obtain a tissue sample. The HTMA provides insight into the body’s mineral patterns, deficiencies and toxicities, and allows me to personalize a nutrition and supplementation plan to the client’s specific mineral profile. Retesting at regular intervals of 3-4 months is also a concrete way to assess health changes after implementing suggestions. New Client Special: HTMA and muscle testing, two 60 min sessions. $245  READ MORE.

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