My Story

Hey, did you know you have a huge bald spot back here?

In 2008, my hairdresser noticed a sizable bald spot on the back of my head. This was the beginning of my long, personal battle with Autoimmune Alopecia, a condition where my immune system kills my hair because it is confused and dysfunctional. Eventually my Alopecia got so bad that I lost about 70% of my hair. I had to shave my head and wear wigs. Not only did my hair fall out, but I was having other weird things happening as well such as leg cramps, low energy, numbness in my feet, a serious heart arrhythmia, food cravings, fatigue, inability to lose weight, insomnia and general malaise. I didn’t find many satisfactory answers by going to MD’s. They had no idea how to “fix me” and they didn’t seem too worried about doing so. They just wanted to give me steroids and be content with wearing wigs but my hair was falling out for a reason. I knew there had to be a better way.

In 2010, my family said that my head looked like a map of the moon. I think they were trying to cheer me up!

That started me on an intense personal journey in reading and studying. I learned that chronic conditions like Alopecia can require a very different approach to healing; one that addressed my entire body as a system. Diet, environment, and genetic propensities can interact differently over a period of many years. When the symptoms appear, such as your hair falling out, many of the body’s systems are already compromised. I eventually enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Association’s (NTP) program to get a handle on my health. I learned that food, nutrition and a faulty digestive system had a lot to do with my condition. I had no idea that over a period of years I had developed some very serious nutritional deficiencies. I learned how to heal my digestion and support my immune system so that over time my hair grew back, my heart murmur disappeared, and I stopped getting leg cramps and numb feet. My weight is much more stable now and I have more energy. I am still on my healing path but I feel enormously better than I did back in 2010.

I’ve been a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner since 2011. I love to learn and I have been passionate about adding more skills to my practice ever since. I’ve added formal training in applied kinesiology, hair tissue mineral balance, mind/body medicine and neurofeedback to better help clients live a life of health and well-being. There is a profound relationship between physical health and mental/emotional wellbeing. Working with me means taking your whole situation into account. I like to partner with my clients as their guide. The human body has a profound ability to heal itself when given the right tools.

Katie completed a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification in 2011 and served as a group leader for the NTA from 2012 to 2013. She maintained a private practice for several years before going to work under Michael Karlfeldt ND, PhD. Prior to working for Dr. Karlfeldt, Katie completed the Certified Natural Health Specialist course as well as her Internship. Katie has completed additional training with MD Dietrich Klinghardt, PhD Rick Malter, NTP John Tjenos, and PhD Richard Soutar.

Katie lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband Lane and their three boys. She enjoys reading, learning, yoga, gardening, traveling and spending time with friends.