My Story

Katie began her journey into functional health when she developed an autoimmune reaction in 2008 after long period of stress. She began to realize that there was a lot more to achieving optimal health than taking drugs. She developed a deep desire to understand health and how a person could be their own best healer. She received her NTP certificate in Nutritional Therapy in 2011 and worked for several years doing nutritional counseling. Over the years Katie realized how much stress and unresolved emotional trauma impacts a person’s ability to heal and she shifted her practice in that direction. She added neurofeedback to her practice in 2016. Katie is constantly learning and adding new skills to her arsenal in an effort to guide her clients along on their healing journey. She currently offers Psych-K sessions, neurofeedback, Alpha/Theta deep states meditation and RASHA Upgrade Experiences. Katie’s intention with her work is to assist her clients to connect with their own innate healing ability utilizing powerful technologies and processes that get real results.