Neurofeedback For Kids

Neurofeedback is great for kids because it involves something they love to do anyway…

Watch movies!

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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive treatment specified by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a level one/best support treatment for children with ADD and ADHD. Brain waves are monitored in real time and integrated into a feedback protocol to produce positive changes in your child’s brain bioelectrical activity. The process of adjusting brainwave activity is known as operant conditioning which is a method where rewards for positive behavior increase learning capabilities.

Neurofeedback (brain training) is a groundbreaking approach that utilizes advanced computer technology along with the professional expertise of Katie and her staff to guide the brain into a more balanced and healthy pattern. We use the Clear Mind System and EEG Data to create a personalized protocol to balance your brain’s electrical activity, often leading to a reduction in neurological symptoms.

Neurofeedback is ideal for helping people with symptoms such as:

  • OCD

How does Neurofeedback work?

Your brain produces four primary types of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Beta is primarily active during your awake state, which is the majority of your day. Alpha has to do with your subconscious and is dominant during relaxed states when your eyes are closed but you are not yet asleep. Theta is present briefly during the periods before you fall asleep and before you fully wake up. Delta is primarily active when you are asleep.

All of these brain waves are equally important to the child’s health. Neurological disorders can be attributed to specific brain waves. The developing brains of children are uniquely responsive to Neurofeedback. Abnormal brainwave patterns can often be retrained to approach normal levels, resulting in improving or eliminating negative symptoms.

How do I get my child started?

Neurofeedback is easy, painless, and the results can be remarkable. Start your child on a personalized protocol today.

Step 1: Brain Mapping

Start with a painless 30 minute EEG test to measure baseline brain wave patterns. See how your brain is working today!

Step 2: Personal Consultation

We’ll meet together to go over your child’s brain mapping and discuss how these patterns affect their physical and emotional health.

Step 3: Start Your Protocol

We’ll start them on a personal Neurofeedback protocol in order to rebalance critical wave patterns for optimal performance.

Find out what your brain pattern is by scheduling your brain map for only $156. This cost includes EEG brain map and your consultation.

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