Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Address your body’s mineral imbalances with this painless test

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What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and what can it tell you?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is also referred to as HTMA. HTMA is a lab test that shows the body’s balance of macro minerals, micro minerals and toxic metals. The test is done by using a tissue sample, the hair. Research has indicated that the hair reflects the mineral tissue status of the rest of the body’s tissues and is far less painful to obtain than other tissue samples such as muscle for example. The test shows the absolute values of the body’s minerals but more importantly it shows the ratios of the minerals and metals to each other.

These ratios give valuable information about how the body functions at a foundational level. HTMA gives indications about the state of digestion, cellular protein utilization, thyroid function, adrenal function, hormone balance, liver/gallbladder function, toxic metal overload, and metabolism.

So what can you expect from a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis with me?

First, you will submit a hair sample. I can collect if you live in Boise and if you’re out of town, I will send you a lab collection kit and instructions. About one and a half to two weeks after your sample is mailed to the Trace Elements Lab, we will meet and have a 45-60 minute consultation to discuss the results. You’ll receive a written interpretation of your lab results along with recommendations for correcting imbalances. My recommendations typically include dietary tips, lifestyle changes and supplements if needed.

The information contained in an HTMA can be incredibly insightful, yet sometimes a bit overwhelming. I do my best to break things down into digestible pieces for my clients and help them create an achievable action plan. The body’s mineral patterns are somewhat like a fingerprint. They’ve been in-the-making for a long time and let us know where the body has been and where it is likely headed if your current diet and lifestyle habits persist. I’ll help you identify the top priorities and a game plan for achieving a better balance.

The typical client who comes to see me has things in his or her health that just don’t seem quite “right”. HTMA often gives these people the explanation that makes sense about the status of their health and the patterns and symptoms that they’ve experienced over the years. I’ve had a few clients who have suffered for years with chronic health issues and seen multiple doctors and specialists who gave them little explanations for their problems. My clients are amazed at how their entire health history made much more sense to them after I explained their mineral pattern. They felt hope for the first time in years once they understood how they could begin to address their health issues in a logical way.

HTMA can be completed as a one-time visit where information and recommendations are provided. However, I see the most improvement with clients who use both HTMA and regular consultations with me to discuss their health as they begin to implement the diet, lifestyle and supplements indicated in their HTMA. I offer an HTMA package for those who want further support with their health.

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Minerals are the spark plugs of life.

Find out more about how Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can identify specific mineral imbalances that are affecting your health.

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