Increased levels of oxygen provide stunning results in cellular health.

When cells can’t breathe—nothing else matters.

When your body’s cells have compromised respiration they function poorly, become ill and die prematurely. Oxygen travels from the lungs to the tissue in blood, via a complex series of steps. There are many ways this process can fail.

When cellular oxygen delivery is unsuccessful it accelerates health challenges. Hypoxic stress and inflammation interfere with oxygenation, and push cells into one or more failure modes that manifest as many different symptoms of disease.

Cell Failure Modes

There are three closely-related cellular failure modes that occur when oxygen does not reach cells.

Vascular Brownout— occurs when hypoxic stress events cause inflammation in the vascular endothelium. This shrinks the inside of tiny blood vessels creating a bottleneck. Each obstruction inhibits blood flow that shuts off oxygen to the downstream tissue.

Local pH imbalance— the vascular brownout triggers a threefold pH dysfunction. First, anaerobic cells produce lactic acid. Next, anaerobic cells cease production of carbon dioxide. Finally, the bottleneck that obstructs blood flow causes waste products to accumulate. This creates tissue prone to “acid” soreness as the functionality of cells decline. These areas become unhealthy as their energy production is restricted to respiration without oxygen.

Immune Brownout—the un-oxygenated region of weakened cells becomes a preferred habitat for parasitic organisms. Reduced cellular oxygen decreases immune cell mobility. The combination of inhibited blood flow and a toxin rich environment set the stage for localized immune system failure. These events explain almost any health problem. When

cell failure modes are progressing, the entire body starts to fall into a health consumptive pattern. These cell failure patterns are experienced as poor energy, lack of immune function, and degeneration of health.

Exercising with Oxygen

Cellular respiration is a simple truth: cells that cannot breathe will not function properly. Any care that ignores oxygen as critical for cell function, will never resolve cell failure modes. LiveO2 is the rebirth of the concept of cellular oxygenation with the goal of restoring cellular oxygen safely, quickly and effectively.

Hypoxic Stress Triggers:

  • Endothelial cell inflammation that leads to a Vascular Brownout
  • pH imbalance that reinforces tissue stress and toxin accumulation
  • Un-oxygenated areas that become host to many pathogens

The moment you adopt cellular oxygen as a priority in your care, you can start creating better health. Regenerative oxygen levels reverse vascular inflammation, prevent tissue brownouts and fuel immune system mobility.

Try a Single Session – $45

  • 30 min: 15-20 LiveO2™ + 10 min Lifetime Vibe™
  • Includes mask rental

10 Sessions – $300

  • 10 individually guided LiveO2™ sessions (15-20 min) – Deeply oxygenates you at the cellular level.
  • 10 Lifetime Vibe™ sessions (10 min) – Ideal for removing toxins from lymphatic tissues after detox effect of LiveO2™
  • Includes mask rental or purchase your own for $75

20 Sessions – $500

Highly recommended for chronic inflammation, TBI, cancer prevention/recovery, detoxification.

  • 20 individually guided LiveO2™ sessions (15-20 min)
  • 20 Lifetime Vibe™ sessions (10 min)

Oxygenate Your Cells. Rejuvenate Your Health.

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