• I have been a client of Katie’s for the past month and the results have been amazing. I am able to focus better and feel much better especially as the day goes on. I would recommend Katie to anyone looking to improve their attention span.
    Boise, Idaho
  • It’s really, honestly been life changing for me! I, for over 2 years, have been unable to chew out of the right side of my mouth, due to a lower jaw issue. Things like that have been overcome. They are gone. It’s helped with things such as tinnitus in my right ear. The last couple years of my life has been extremely stressful, and very high paced, very fast moving, and this has really enabled me the opportunity to take things one at a time and deal with those stressful situations and break them down.
    Boise, Idaho
  • Neurofeedback is probably the best thing I have done for my mental health. I had both trauma and PTSD from childhood and adult events. Neurofeedback has helped me to be less reactive and much more calm. I have been able to connect more dots and feel much more acceptance in my life. I highly recommend neurofeedback to anyone who is looking for real change.
  • Working with Katie was instrumental in unpacking long term health issues. Through a variety of methods including neurofeedback, nutritional support, muscle testing, and laser acupuncture, I was able to ‘unwind’ a lifetime of mental baggage. With the assistance of my doctor, I am now free of all prescription medications which I was on for 12 years. Fixing the root cause for the symptoms that caused me to get on them has resulted in more energy, needing appropriate amounts of sleep, and increased performance in my job. Thank you Katie!
  • While in college, I experienced a lot of difficulty with focus, depression and impulse control; problems that were making my time in college frustrating and unfulfilling. Neurofeedback was incredibly helpful in getting me back on track, both academically and emotionally. Without it, I doubt I would have been able to turn my college experience around and graduate on time. I also felt more emotional wellbeing than I'd felt in years, even long after the sessions. I'd recommend anyone else struggling with the new challenges presented by college and the first steps of adulthood to give neurofeedback a try!
    J. P.